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One of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board’s responsibilities is performing regular research on all the available facts and figures on the subject of wine in Austria, for publication in clear summary form. These data are gathered together in the following report.

Wine is a significant component of the Austrian economy. Information about the wine industry is important for a large number of professional sectors, e.g. for food retail, the wine trade, the media and producers themselves. Moreover, issues affecting the Austrian wine industry are also followed with great interest by educational bodies and private wine enthusiasts.

Austrian Wine statistics report

Austrian Wine statistics report

Complete document

Last update: 4 December 2023

Timeliness of the data

All data used by the AWMB refer to the most recently available data sets, which are published online as soon as possible following their publication. As soon as new data become available, the individual chapters are updated in the download area above.

Terms of use

Limited terms of use.

The use of data (market research data, text, charts etc.) that are provided by the Austrian Wine Marketing Board online, is – apart from private use – subject to permission.

The permission is given by the Austrian Wine Marketing Board under the following conditions:

  • In case of a non-commercial use the copy right note “©AWMB/[market research institute] must be quoted next to the used document; the permission for use is granted by the AWMB free of charge.
  • In case of a commercial use (advertisement, flyers, commercial websites, online shops or promotion of events etc.) permission is granted exclusively by the AWMB (see copy right). Please contact us directly for permission.
  • With regard to books, the copyright owner must be consulted in any case.


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