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2. The Land
Beautiful Landscapes, Demanding Soils

Austria is a relaxed country with an unmatched quality of life. This is one of the key reasons why Austria has become a globally-renowned tourism destination.

Many holidaymakers view Austria as the most hospitable country in Europe. This is especially true for its picturesque winegrowing regions, which cover over 46,515 hectares: the Wachau and the classic regions in Niederösterreich (Lower Austria) either side of the Danube; Steiermark (Styria) and its spectacular ranges of hills; Burgenland with the natural paradise Lake Neusiedl; and Wien (Vienna) - the world's only major winegrowing capital.

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And the character of the wines is just as individual as the character of the regions they hail from. In addition to the climate, the soils are a key factor behind this individuality: crystalline stone terraces or huge loess layers in Niederösterreich, calcareous soils in northern Burgenland and Südsteiermark or volcanic soils in Kamptal and Vulkanland Steiermark. This means that, despite being a small wine producing nation, Austria offers a wide range of different, interesting wines which nevertheless all share an amazing tension between ripeness and freshness.


Winegrowing Regions