The crossing made by Norbert Becker (Staatliches Weinbauinstitut Freiburg) is a fungus-resistant variety. Parcels planted to this vine are found primarily in Steiermark.


Freiburg, Germany


a crossing of Solaris x Muskateller

Vineyard area

80.97 ha; 0.2%

A picture shows the leaf and grape cluster of the Muscaris, © Austrian Wine/Blickwerk Fotografie
© Austrian Wine/Blickwerk Fotografie

Important ampelographic features:
Leaf: pentagonal with three to five lobes, overlapping petiole
Grape cluster: loose to very loose, cylindrical with small secondary wing; rounded berries with green skin and a note of cassis

Ripening: early to middle

Significance, conditions: the variety flourishes on medium-depth sites, where it buds early. As a PIWI variety, its resistance against oidium and Peronospora is very great («PIWI» stands for pilzwiderstandsfähig = fungus-resistant), but it tends towards grape withering and palsy of the stems.

Wine: the wines ares reminiscent of Muskateller for their muscatty and citric aromas. They are powerful and substantial with intense acidity, which makes them good candidates for Sekt production. The high tannin-content, however, demands fining.


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