Residual sugar or residual sweetness is understood to mean the sugar of the grapes or must that has not fermented into alcohol after the natural or intentional fermentation stop. The residual sugar content must be stated on the label of all Austrian wines.


Trocken (dry): up to 4 g/l or up to a maximum of 9 g/l if the total acidity is not lower than 2 g/l below this value. For example, a wine with 8 g/l of residual sugar requires at least 6 g/l of acidity to be declared as trocken or dry. Or, expressed as a formula: acidity +2 up to a maximum of 9.

Halbtrocken (off-dry): The maximum permitted residual sugar value is 18 g/l, subject to the total acidity (measured as tartaric) being no less than 10 g/l below this value.

Lieblich (medium-sweet): up to 45 g/l of residual sugar

Sweet: from 45 g/l of residual sugar

A picture shows a diagram about the residual sugar content of wine.
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DesignationResidual sugar content
brut nature / brut zero0-3 g/l
extra brut / extra herb0-6 g/l
herb / brut0-12 g/l
extra trocken / extra dry / très sec12-17 g/l
trocken / secco / dry / sec17-32 g/l
halbtrocken / demi sec / medium dry32-50 g/l
mild / doux / sweet / dolce> 50 g/l



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