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Austrians love nature and, as a result, they treat it with the greatest of respect. Environmental protection, water purity, healthy and GMO-free food, biodiversity and the efficient use of energy and materials are all high on the agenda in this country.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that Austria is the world leader in organic agriculture: around 28% of agricultural land and 22% of all vineyards are already managed according to organic agricultural guidelines, around 15% of the organic area is managed using biodynamic agricultural practices. Additionally, 25% of all vineyards are farmed according to the certification “Sustainable Austria”. And last but not least, the majority of grapes are still harvested by hand. Despite this – or, indeed, because of this – the wine industry has developed with great dynamism in recent times. The number of internationally competitive wine producers is growing steadily, and new names are gaining recognition beyond Austria’s borders every year. The growth curve of export revenues is similar to those of the most successful New World wine-producing countries.


© Austrian Wine / Blickwerk Fotografie


Austrians are born nature-lovers and therefore particularly respectful towards the natural environment. This is a country that places great importance on environmental protection and the responsible use of natural resources. It comes as no surprise, that Austria is a world leader in environmentally conscious viticulture.

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