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6. Value for Money
High Quality, Fair Prices

Family farms dominate the Austrian winemaking scene, which is why the focus is not on mass production.

A picture shows a bottle of Austrian Wine

As a result of this ownership structure, and the high labour intensity inherent in artisan production methods as well as strict yield restrictions, Austria as a wine-producing country can only sell at entry-level prices in exceptional circumstances (large harvests, one-off marketing offers, sales ...).

Nonetheless, Austria’s wines are excellent value for money in all the profitable price bands. Many of the 10 to 20 Euro wines offered by wineries with sales outside Austria are at quality levels which usually cost significantly more on international markets. Top Austrian wines with international reputations are especially good value. A leading American importer and wine expert put it like this: “Grüner Veltliner is the greatest value in the fine wine world. The more you spend, the better the value.” This quote definitely also applies to other Austrian wines in the top segment.