A picture shows a view of Wachau
© Austrian Wine / Philipp Forstner

7 Elements

Austria’s wines are now highly prized both by wine experts and wine lovers all around the world. There is a distinctive tension common to all these wines which should be emphasised, based on seven factors. Read more


A picture shows a vineyard
© Austrian Wine / Johannes Brunnbauer

Climate & Soil

The origin of a wine is probably the most fundamental quality factor. The term 'terroir' has become a much discussed slogan in recent years, and opinions differ on the question of “what is terroir?”. Read more


A picture shows terraced vineyards
© Austrian Wine / Herbert Lehmann


In an increasing terroir-orientated wine production, the influences of soil and microclimate, as well as weather conditions and vegetation period are gaining more significance. Read more


A picture shows Sauvignon Blanc grapes
© Austrian Wine / Armin Faber

Grape Varieties

In Austria, there are 40 grape varieties – 26 white and 14 red – officially approved for the production of Qualitätswein (quality wine). Read more


A picture shows a landscape at sundown.
© Austrian Wine/Johannes Brunnbauer

Winegrowing Regions

The federal states of Niederösterreich, Burgenland and Steiermark are defined as distinct wine regions, there are also 17 other wine regions, including Wien and the area Bergland with five wine-growing regions. Read more.


A picture shows vineyards near Langenlois in the Kamptal winegrowing region.
© Austrian Wine/Johannes Brunnbauer

Strategy for origin marketing

The category Qualitätswein stands at the centre of the Austrian wine industry's marketing strategy. Read more


A picture shows Austrian Sekt
© Austrian Wine

Austrian Sekt

Austria has outstanding wine regions, wineries - and internationally acclaimed wines. Where "Austria" is written on the outside, Austria must be inside, too; only this can guarantee the top image of Austrian products in the future and around the world. Read more

A picture shows the different styles of wine
© Austrian Wine

Wine Styles

The diversity of landscapes in Austria's wine country is reflected in the multifoliate nature of its many distinctive styles of wine. Read more

A picture shows wine and food
© Austrian Wine / Martin Grabmayer

Wine & Fine Dining

Austrian wines offer the perfect accompaniment to an array of dishes and food styles, from Central European to Mediterranean cuisine, right through to Asian and Oriental dishes, Ethnic and Fusion food types. Read more



A picture shows a sustainably farmed vineyard
© Austrian Wine / Anna Stöcher


An overview of the different systems of sustainable viticulture in Austria. Read more

A picture shows the monastery of Klosterneuburg
© Austrian Wine / Herbert Lehmann


Grape vines existed well over sixty million years ago. During the post glacial warm period, the vines made their way along the River Danube up towards the northern west parts of Europe. Read more


A picture shows vineyards
© Philipp Forstner

Wine Law

Austrian Wine Law is incorporated in the hierarchical structure of EU wine legislation. At the top of the EU wine law is the definition of "EU wine market organization", a Council of the European Agriculture Ministers Regulation. Read more

A picture shows a group of people at a Heuriger
© Austrian Wine

Wine Tourism

“When someone makes a journey, he will have a story to relate...” This is a famous saying in the German language sphere, and it’s even more valid when (s)he has had Austria as their holiday destination. Read more


A picture shows a hut in a vineyard
© Austrian Wine / Johannes Brunnbauer


The language of wine uses a lot of terms that some might not be familiar with. The most important ones are explained in the Glossary. Read more



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