The Muskat-Ottonel is a more recent addition to the ancient Muscat family, and was cultivated from a seedling in France, and is thought to be a crossing of Chasselas and an undetermined Muscat variety.


France, Angers


New breed from Gutedel (Chasselas) x Muskat de Saumur

Vineyard area

317.64 ha; 0.7%

A picture shows grapes of the grape variety Muskat Ottonel
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Parentage: New breed by Jean Moreau, a private grower in Angers, 1839.

Vineyard area: Grown mainly at the Neusiedlersee (Lake Neusiedl) in Burgenland. Surface total in vineyards is stable.

Important ampelographic features:
Leaf: small, pentagonal, five lobes, deeply-lobed
Grape cluster: small to medium, cylindrical, mostly without wings; dense with round to oval berries, greenish-yellow colour, the grape skin has a fine nutmeg taste

Ripening time: mid-season

Significance, conditions: Significant in Burgenland. To winegrowers, the variety can be difficult in the vineyard. It makes high demands on the site (warm, wind-protected) and the soil (good retention of water and nutrients). Its very sensitive flowering phase means an often irregular and low yield. It tolerates only a low limestone content in the soil and is easily susceptible to chlorosis when the weather is cool and wet.

Wine: Can yield full yet mild wines with a delicate nutmeg flavour. Highly ripe grapes can deliver mild, very supple Prädikat wines, which partner well with sweet dishes.


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