The language of wine contains a wealth of meanings that are not all too familiar, particularly the technical interpretations. The glossary describes and offers an explanation to the most common terms.


Tasting term usually referring to the primary fruit aromas in wine.

fruit sweetness

The sweetness of a wine based on high extract values and maturity is often perceived differently than analytical tests.

fruit texture
fruit taste

Often with high quality wine, there is an intense fruit taste on the palate, followed by a pleasant, textured aftertaste, that literally melts in the mouth.

fruit wine

Beverage similar to wine, made from fermented apple or pear must, and called Most in Austria.

Fruiting variety
the grape variety of a grafted vine

The fruiting variety is the vine that grows above ground and is grafted onto a rootstock variety, that is resistant to Phylloxera. The fruiting variety ultimately defines the variety and produces the fruit.


Aroma and flavours that refer to the grape or fruit variety. We differentiate between pipfruit, stone fruit, berries, citrus fruit, tropical fruit, dried fruit and cooked fruit (compote).

full of core, robust

Describes a full-bodied, opulent wine with supportive, balanced acidity.


A rich and powerful wine.


A full-bodied, opulent wine, rich in extract and/or alcohol.


A well-rounded, opulent wine.


Powerful wine with an opulent body.


Chemical pesticide employed against fungal diseases, such as downy mildew, powdery mildew and botrytis.

late ripening white wine variety

Furmint is predominantly planted in the Tokaji winegrowing region in Hungary, but it is also a niche product in the free town of Rust in Burgenland. Specialists produce dry quality white to honey-like dessert wines from this late-ripening variety.

fusel oils / fusel alcohol
by products of the alcoholic fermentation

Fusel oils or alcohols are by products of the alcoholic fermentation, and are often considered poor quality products. It is a popular belief that fusel alcohols contribute to the 'hangover' the next day, as the body requires a long time breaking them down.

G'spritzter (White Wine Spritz)
refreshing drink of equal measure of wine and mineral or soda water

The Gespritzter or “G´spritzter“ is a quaffable, thirst-quenching Austrian White Wine Spritz, wine mixed with an equal measure of soda or sparkling mineral water, that is particularly favoured in the warm summer months. Due to its generally low alcohol content, the Gespritzter is an ideal aperitiv or easy drinking wine to pair with food. The mixture is generally 50/50, with the Sommerg´spritzter being prepared with a larger proportion of water.


Group of yeast strains that are predominant throughout the fermentation and evolve more intensively during the maturation of red wine. Brettanomyces is an aroma that is gamey, or reminiscent of stable or the sweaty saddle of a horse, and can be a positive impression when well intergrated. If the brettanomyces is too intensive, then it is considered a wine fault.

Garage wine
a rare, often sought after wine

Refers to a high quality wine produced in minute quantites, that command high prices and usually come from small wine estates. The trend for garage wines began in the 1990s.


The gelling agent used to clarify wine.

Gemischter Satz (field blend)
white wine speciality from Vienna

The Gemischte Satz, or field blend, is quite the opposite if a blended wine (where the finished wines are blended together). Here different grape varieties are planted together in the same vineyard, and are all harvested, pressed, vinified and matured together. The Gemischte Satz has a long heritage in Wien (Vienna), and is currently enjoying a revival.

getting together in the cellar
a jovial gathering of people drinking wine in the cellar

A jovial gathering of people drinking wine in the cellar, a popular weekend pastime when Austrian visit their preferred wine producer.


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