Bauer Josef

Neufang 52
3483 Feuersbrunn
, Österreich

Phone: +43 2738 2309


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Winery description

We (Josef and Christine Bauer) are the fourth generation to manage the vineyards on the Hengstberg in Feuersbrunn, with the help of Viktoria, Katharina and Florian, the fifth generation.

We regard the vines as our children – which can be seen from the fact that the wines produced from them are often named after these children.

The soil on which wine is produced in the Wagram region consists of loess in layers of up to 15 metres thick. Above all Grüner Veltliner grape does well on this light soil, which with its high chalk content has a high water retention capacity. For Riesling on the other hand, vineyards with soil of a more mineral nature (red tertiary gravel deposits from the prehistoric Danube) are preferred.

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