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Currently informed with RSS

Whoever wants to stay up to date with wine should visit regularly www.austrianwine.com. But it is much easier and automatically with the RSS feed.

This is how you can receive the information

The Event dates and News from us is currently available as RSS feed. You will receive the latest information delivered in a quickly and simply. You only need to apply the two following options:

  1. A FeedReader. Current Brower applications contain the function of receiving and displaying RSS feeds, either already installed or through a free download application or Plugin. You can also incorporate RSS feeds into the current version of your Email programme, such as Outlook, with new alerts landing into your Inbox, just like any usual Email.
    If you wish to use the RSS feeds more intensively (for example all Online media platforms deliver their news in the form of RSS feeds) then it is really worth installing an additional FeedReader application that is available for Computers as well as Apps for iPhones and other Smartphones.
  2. A subscription to the Austrian Wine RSS feed is free if you click on this link. The subscription is not obligatory, and should you wish to cancel the feeds of information, then just simply delete the RSS feed from your FeedReader.