Junger Österreicher 2015

The “Junger Österreicher“, the campaign for the fresh, new wines from the vintage, was created by the AWMB in 1995, and is now regarded as the largest young wine brand in Austria. With its unmistakable sticker logo to aid sales, well over one million bottles have been sold.

Advertising Materials Junger Österreicher 2015

The following advertising materials are produced by the AWMB and given to producers - free of charge in small quantities, for a fee in larger quantities.

Table Displaysup to 50 items. for freeadditional items 0,1 € each
Posterup to 20 items. for freeadditional items 0,3 € each

You will get the advertising materials here:

ÖWI Handels GmbH
Josef Hafner Straße 4
2100 Korneuburg
Tel.:+43 (2262) 62546 (Fax: DW 9)
E-Mail: bestellung@oewi.at


A picture shows the Junger Österreicher Logo 2015

Download Junger Österreicher Logo 2015

Terms of use:

The AWMB provides the JÖ logo until further notice, provided that the following conditions are met:

  • the advertised wine must be Austrian Qualitätswein of the vintage 2017 with an offical approval number,
  • no cloudy wines under the brand "Junger Österreicher" may be advertised,
  • the advertised wine may not be sold at a fixed retail price lower than 3 € / bottle, and
  • The JÖ logo may only be used in the original size of the bottle stickers (5 x 1.8 cm) on bottles, labels, etc.