Press Releases 2018

 –  After years of behind-the-scenes preparation, the Austrian Sekt Gala on 22 October marks a new milestone in Austria’s Sekt history: the highest level of Austrian sparkling wine, Sekt g.U. Grosse Reserve, will be presented for the first time. With this, Austria will take its place conclusively among the ranks of top sparkling wine producers. Read more

 –  From 11–15 March 2019, the prestigious world championship of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (A.S.I.) will be held in Antwerp, where Austrian wines will be leading the way. Read more

 –  ‘For the most part, Austria’s grapevines were able to withstand the enormous heat and lack of moisture that characterised the 2018 vegetation cycle. So we have a very early and very ripe vintage on our hands, one in which persistently high temperatures have led to consistently higher levels of alcohol and lower levels of acidity. Volume will in any event be just above average: we are looking forward to a harvest in the magnitude of some 2.6 million hectolitres’, declared Viticultural Association president Johannes Schmuckenschlager, in reference to the 2018 vintage, which will now reach its climax with one of the earliest harvests in decades. Read more

 –  A great honour for Austria: for the first time in its history, the highly respected Court of Master Sommeliers will conduct its examination for membership outside the UK or the US – and nowhere else but in Austria! The Master Sommelier Diploma, which will be awarded at Klosterneuburg Abbey in August, is considered the highest honour to which a sommelier can aspire. Read more

 –  Südsteiermark DAC | Vulkanland Steiermark DAC | Weststeiermark DAC On Monday 2 July 2018, representatives of the Regional Wine Committee and Wein Steiermark (Styria) held a historic press conference, one that would herald a new era in the annals of Styrian wine. According to the announcement, the Steiermark will be inaugurating a new system of origins with the 2018 vintage. Corresponding to the three Styrian winegrowing regions, this system will be arranged as Südsteiermark DAC, Vulkanland Steiermark DAC and Weststeiermark DAC Read more

 –  From 9–11 June, Vienna’s Hofburg Palace once more became the pilgrimage destination for friends of Austrian wine, as well as for those individuals headed in that direction. 15,000 attendees from nearly fifty countries met up with some 550 Austrian winegrowers, augmented by the viticultural contingent from this year’s guest country Switzerland. The initial feedback from the international trade visitors, who came to VieVinum at the invitation of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board (AWMB), bears witness to the unusually high esteem in which this (likely) loveliest wine fair in the world is held. Read more

 –  The twentieth-anniversary jubilee of the wine festival VieVinum is setting new marks to measure by: more than one thousand wine professionals from all over the world will be attending Austria’s greatest wine fair at the invitation of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board (AWMB) – a historical number of visitors. For Austria’s winegrowers this offers a unique opportunity to open and develop new markets, with their splendid wines from the generous 2017 vintage. Read more

 –  The former Grosslage (large collective vineyard site) ‘Rosalia’, located south of the Leitha Range in Burgenland, is set to become Austria’s next DAC winegrowing region. There are 297 hectares under vines in the administrative district Mattersburg, which will henceforth yield regionally typical ‘Rosalia DAC’ and ‘Rosalia DAC Reserve’ red wines, as well as distinctively conceived rosé wines bearing the designation ‘Rosalia DAC Rosé’. Read more

 –  In contrast to most major European winegrowing nations, which are lamenting the lowest production volume in many years, Austria was able to record a 2017 harvest that surpassed the five-year average by 25%, with approximately 2.5 million hectolitres. But the excellent quality of the current vintage is even more satisfying. The combination provides something that proved elusive during the last few vintage years: outstanding quality coupled with excellent volume. Read more

 –  Despite a slight decline in volume, the export year 2017 exceeded all expectations: with a steep increase in the value of exports, to 158.6 million Euros, Austria cracked the 150-million-Euro barrier for the first time – in addition to which, average price per litre reached a new all-time high of 3.39 Euros. Read more