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Press Releases 2015

 –  New: The highest farmers’ market in the Alps immediately next to the pistes Read more

 –  Finally! Following the problematic and intensively demanding 2014 vintage, 2015 brought happy faces to the Austrian winegrower population. Read more

 –  This year’s christening of the vintage took place on 3 November in Lannach, Weststeiermark. The presiding clergyman, Styrian minister Franz Brei, christened the consecrational wine ‘Gustl 58’, named after a social initiative for spiritual development originating in the region. At the centre of the presentation stood this year’s winners of the Bacchus Prize, August Schmölzer and the San Francisco restaurant group The Slanted Door. National Assembly and Viticultural Association President Johannes Schmuckenschlager, Governor Hermann Schützenhofer of the Steiermark, Department of Agriculture President Hermann Schultes and Managing Director Willi Klinger from the Austrian Wine Marketing Board were on hand to honour the prize winners, as well as expressing satisfaction concerning the 2015 wine harvest – satisfaction with regard to both quantity and quality. Read more

 –  The Day of Austrian Sekt 2015 brought with it a cause for celebration. The three levels of the Austrian Sekt quality-pyramid are to be henceforth identified with the designations Klassik, Reserve and Große Reserve (Grand Reserve). With this comes not only the guarantee that – in purchasing an Austrian Sekt with protected designation of origin – the consumer is receiving a wine with a documented pedigree, but also official assurance that the most stringent standards have been observed during production. In this process, the level of quality will be raised appreciably. And if Austria’s wines have attracted more and more international attention in the last couple decades by virtue of their typicity and distinctive nature, Sekt from Austria has set itself a steady course that promises continued success in the future. Read more

 –  Each year since 2012, the Austrian National Postal Service has created a special edition of stamps dedicated to the wine-producing regions of Austria. The fourth stamp in the series was issued on 5 September 2015. In the space of 15 cubic centimetres, it presents the wine-growing region Carnuntum along with its marquee grape-variety Zweigelt and the Heidentor – symbol of the Carnuntum Archaeological Park – rising in its ancient glory above the glistening ruby red wine in a glass. Read more

 –  The quality this year is particularly high, and yields will be in the average - ‘This year’s crop of wine grapes has made it through a blisteringly hot summer, with desert-like days and tropical nights, in good condition. In terms of quantity, growers are anticipating a very satisfactory harvest, one that moreover is expected to yield material of high quality. Following the difficult vintage of 2014, estates are reckoning with a volume of 2.4–2.5 million hectolitres,’ according to Austrian Winegrowers’ Association president Johannes Schmuckenschlager, commenting upon the prospects for the vintage year 2015. Read more

 –  Wine law amendment enters into force on January 1st, 2016. Read more

 –  A hot summer is drawing gradually to its conclusion, and the first yellow-tinted leaves are beginning to appear as harbingers of the coming autumn’s eagerly anticipated display of colour. This also means that it’s getting close to the loveliest time of the year for travelling to Austria and experiencing its wines. You can find the most appealing routes at winetravelsinaustria.com! Read more

 –  Demand for wine from Austria climbs worldwide in 2014. The final figures just released by Statistik Austria confirm that new records were set in international wine exports for 2014. Export sales increased by an impressive six million Euros, which represents an unprecedented record of 145 million Euros. Read more

 –  The Austrian Wine Marketing Board (AWMB) sponsored an international gathering of wine industry professionals, who came and toured Austria’s wine country from the 30th of May to the 3rd of June. Some 165 wine journalists and critics, selected wine merchants and sommeliers – from a total of forty countries scattered all over the world – participated in the AWMB’s “Wine Summit” this year. Read more


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