Press Releases 2010

 –  The Austrian Wine sector enjoyed a positive year in 2010 despite the difficult market conditions. The low harvest volume in 2009 resulted in a sharp drop in Austrian barrel wine exports in 2010. However, exports of bottled wine continued on a successful course and reached the highest ever price average of more than € 2 per liter. And this trend is expected to continue because of the small harvest again last year – probably the smallest since the frost vintage of 1985. Because of the quantity shortage, a fall in export revenues is expected for this year. Read more

 –  Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Or maybe you're not so thrilled with the same old ideas à la ties, perfumes & Co. Have you perhaps thought about giving something different – truly different - something that's clever, special and tasteful, and fits every occasion? Something with style and spirit, and can describe the one who receives it? There is nothing better than giving a fine bottle of wine from a special country – a country where original, handcrafted wines of the highest quality are made with innovation. Give wine from Austria. Taste culture! Read more

 –  Das Conrad Hotel in Tokio Shiodome war Austragungsort des gemeinsam von ÖWM und AHSt Tokio veranstalteten „Austrian Wine Day“, bei dem 17 japanische Importeure 52 österreichische Weingüter vorstellten. Etwa 450 qualitätsbesessene japanische F&B-Professionals nahmen die eingeschenkten österreichischen Spezialitäten unter die Lupe. Als Rahmenprogramm wurden vier hochkarätige Weinseminare geboten, davon eines mit Georg Riedel. Am Abend nahmen über 300 zahlende Gäste am Consumer Wine Tasting teil. Read more

 –  Die Österreich Wein Marketing GmbH veranstaltet gemeinsam mit der Austrian Embassy Commercial Section einen Wettbewerb und wollen 10 Gewinner zum „Botschafter des Österreichischen Weins 2011“ küren, dies mit dem Ziel, den Bekanntheitsgrad des Österreichischen Weins zu erhöhen. Read more

 –  Im Rahmen von festlichen Graduierungsfeiern auf Schloss Esterházy in Eisenstadt und Schloss Vollrads im Rheingau wurde im November insgesamt 35 Absolventen des „Diploma in Wines and Spirits“ der Weinakademie Österreich – einer 50% Tochter der Österreich Wein Marketing - der Titel „Weinakademiker“ verliehen. Neben Österreichern, Deutschen, Schweizern, Holländern und Südtirolern graduierte in diesem Jahr mit Jan Rokyta der erste Tscheche zum Weinakademiker. Read more

 –  With more than five million visitors per year, the website of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board (AWMB) is one of the most visited wine websites in the world. And now, the site – also the world's most comprehensive website on Austrian wine – has been relaunched. On November 18th, the new went online. Work on the relaunch had been underway for more than two years with a fresh new conceptualization, newly built-in features, and new and exciting contents. Read more

 –  The Austrian 2010 harvest is expected to deliver one of the lowest yields in nearly 20 years. According to Statistik Austria, figures as of the end of October are pointing to a total volume of 1.76 million hectoliters, which is approximately 30% lower than the average annual yield of 2.5 million hl. The Austrian Viticulture Association - Österreichischer Weinbauverband – has confirmed this report. “This year's quantity is lower than the total normal wine consumption in Austria, which is an average of 2.4 million hl per year,” says Josef Pleil, president of the association. “It is especially dramatic for white wine, because there is none in stock at present due to the low harvest also in 2009.” Read more

 –  Der erste Wein des neuen Jahrgangs, der Junge Österreicher 2010, hatte am 8. November seine gelungene Erstpräsentation im Wiener Museum für Angewandte Kunst (MAK). Read more

 –  The weather conditions throughout 2010 demanded the utmost in know-how and skill from Austrian winemakers. After a Winter that swung between cold and practically Spring-like temperatures in February, the month of March began with icy temperatures and ended with pleasant Spring weather. April was dry in western and southern Austria, but the wine-growing areas experienced heavy rains, hailstorms and floods. There was much rain at times in May, so sunshine was rare indeed. And June provided a bumpy start to Summer, with rain and cold during the flowering period causing problems with pollination and fruit set. Read more

 –  Der krönende Abschluss vieler arbeitsintensiver Monate ist jährlich die Weintaufe Österreich. Sie findet abwechselnd in den vier weinbautreibenden Bundesländern Niederösterreich, Burgenland, Steiermark und Wien statt und war heuer zu Gast in Gamlitz in der Steiermark. Als besondere Botschafter und Paten des Weins erhielten der ORF-Redakteur und „Kulinarix des ORF Steiermark“, Reinhart Grundner und der „Ausnahmehotelier“ Rudolf Tucek den Bacchuspreis 2010. Read more