"best of sweet" - International Wine Challenge in Eisenstadt, Austria

From 11-13 October an extraordinary 'wine summit' will take place in the Burgenland, itself the home of great sweet wines.

Sweet wine glasses at Neusiedlersee
Sweet wine glasses Neusiedlersee, © AWMB / Armin Faber

Liquid gems assembled from all around the whole world will present a unique opportunity of studying their unique character and of further elevating their place in the world of wine. The jury will consist of international wine experts and journalists. The competition is organized by the Weinwerbung Burgenland and supervised by the OIV. According to Hermann Schön of the Weinwerbung Burgenland many illustrious candidates from leading sweet wine areas of the world have already agreed to participate. The result of the tasting will be announced to an invited audience during a gala on 16 November 2001 at Esterhazy Castle in Eisenstadt.

For more information please email Dagmar Huszar at: dagmar.huszar@wkbgld.at