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Banderole Replaces Wine Bottle as Symbol of Origin in Logo

After more than 20 years of successful advertising, the Austrian Wine Marketing (AWM) is implementing its most significant advertising and publicity changes since its founding. With the integration of the Austrian banderole into the Austrian Wine logo, quality origin is now strongly emphasized. The former message, “A Taste of Culture”, has been refined to the more dynamic "Taste Culture". And theme advertising is now focused on wine and food, while emphasizing the diversity of Austrian wine.

Rudi Reisner, Agentur Wirz und Willi Klinger, ÖWM, präsentieren die neue Werbelinie, Copyright AWMB
Rudi Reisner, Agentur Wirz und Willi Klinger, ÖWM, präsentieren die neue Werbelinie, © Austrian Wine

The Updating and Refining of the AWM Image

Austrian wine underwent rapid development and growth over the last decade. And the new AWM image reflects this dynamic. The new logo, with its considerably reduced design, conveys more confidence and is, especially as a separate entity from the “Taste Culture” slogan, more concise. It also takes on the role of an umbrella brand without being overbearing.

Banderole Visualized as a Seal of Quality and Origin

The new EU law – set to take effect this Summer - will allow regular wines without a specific designation of origin (presently Tafelweine, or table wines) to declare the grape varieties and vintages on the labels. Until now, only Landweine (country wine, vin de pays,…) and quality wines, which are more strictly controlled, have been allowed to declare these specifications.

"That is why it is even more important for us to emphasize quality and origin with the new advertising strategy," explains Willi Klinger, general manager of the AWM. "And with the banderole, we’ve integrated into the logo the simplest, most logical and most recognized - nationally and internationally – symbol for Austrian quality wine."

Klinger’s approach is supported by Rudi Reisner, general manager of Wirz, the agency that created the new design: "The highly positioned banderole is a kind of ‘trademark’ and gives optical pizzazz to the logo.

“Taste Culture” with a Culinary Focus

The concept of "A Taste of Culture” now has been streamlined to a more confident slogan – an invitation to "Taste Culture". This overall theme will be harmonized by pictures used for the new advertising campaign, which will feature, for example, cultural symbols such as piano keyboards and violins, and contemporary art and architecture. Most notably, the focus on wine and food will be strongly intensified.

"The new culinary ads will emphasize the pleasure aspect as well as promote moderate, safe enjoyment of culturally rich wine," says Willi Klinger. "Together with this, we can highlight our own culinary identity with traditional dishes like Schnitzel and Tafelspitz. Moreover, we will show through creative and exotic food pictures the universal appeal of Austrian wine with international cuisine."

Pictures of landscapes for promoting particular wine-growing areas will continue to be used.


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