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Press Releases 2019

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 –  The region has reached agreement on the three levels Gebietswein (regional wine), Ortswein (‘villages’ wine) and Riedenwein (single-vineyard wine), and continues to emphasise the traditional and highly prized varieties: white wine vinified from Chardonnay, Weissburgunder or Grüner Veltliner, red wine from Zweigelt and Blaufränkisch. Read more

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 –  On 1 January 2020, Mr Wilhelm Klinger will assume management of Austria’s leading wine retailer Wein & Co, which since 2018 has been part of the German conglomerate Hawesko Holding AG, one of the world’s leading wine sales operations. In this role, Klinger will also become a member of the Hawesko Group’s ‘corporate strategy circle’. At the same time, Klinger will be turning over the management of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board (AWMB) to his successor Chris Yorke, after serving for thirteen years. Read more

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 –  ‘Austrian winegrowers are looking forward to a good vintage with fully ripe grapes this year. Compared to the big harvest in 2018, an average volume of approximately 2.4 million hectolitres is expected. And after the record-breaking early harvest last year, picking will begin around Lake Neusiedl at the beginning of September. In other regions, the primary harvest will begin in mid-September’, explained Johannes Schmuckenschlager, president of the Austrian Winegrowers’ Association, with regard to 2019. Read more


 –  After Austria distinguished itself last year, being chosen as the Court of Master Sommeliers’ first examination venue outside the USA or Great Britain, testing for the Master Sommelier diploma was held this year for the second time in our country. On 16–17 August, eighteen candidates came to Klosterneuburg Abbey, where they faced the world’s greatest sommelier challenge. Read more


 –  On 1 July, the Austrian Wine Marketing Board (AWMB) presented the hitherto biggest Austrian Tasting in Japan with winegrower participation. Some 900 visitors accepted the invitation to the Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo, creating an overwhelmingly positive atmosphere for the growers on hand. Top-drawer side events offered the perfect complement to the Austrian Tasting in Tokyo. Read more

© AWMB/Anna Stöcher

 –  Massimo Bottura, who has topped the prestigious list ‘The World's 50 Best Restaurants’ not once but twice, paid a special visit to Austria in mid-June: He presented a seven-course meal for the victorious winegrowers of SALON Österreich Wein 2019, the nation’s most demanding wine competition. In this, he clearly demonstrated his enthusiasm for the work of the Austrian growers. Read more

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 –  Change in the leadership team of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board: Following Wilhelm Klinger’s announcement last December to gradually step back from his duties as Managing Director, his successor has been elected after a thorough selection process. Chris Yorke will take over the leadership of AWMB in 2020. Read more

© AWMB/Sebastian Philipp

 –  Austrian Wine Marketing Board managing director Willi Klinger introduced the book "Wine in Austria: the History" in Vienna today as the centrepiece of this year’s Austrian Wine Summit. For the first time an academically substantiated and comprehensive volume on the history of viticulture in Austria, from prehistoric times to the present day, will be available as of December this year. And there is an individual chapter devoted to the life and work of Dr Friedrich Zweigelt. Read more

© AWMB/Gerhard Elze

 –  On 23 May, this year’s Austrian Wine Summit will get underway. From 23–29 May, almost 200 journalists from thirty-nine countries will travel through the nation’s winegrowing regions at the invitation of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board (AWMB), with special attention paid to those regions situated at the country’s borders. The wine summit will culminate in a one-day conference addressing the history of Austrian wine, on 26 May in Vienna, where the book Wine in Austria: the History – to be published in December – will also be introduced. Read more

© AWMB/Ulli Kohl

 –  Seldom have young wines gone so well with springtime’s most distinctive calling-card as do Austria's 2018s. Completely harmonious and beautifully blessed with refined acidity, they provide an ideal partner to the dazzling variety of asparagus dishes due to dominate Austria’s menus in the coming weeks. Read more

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