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VieVinum 2022
The celebration of Austrian Wines was a spectacular success

A fabulous comeback after a break of four years: between 21 and 23 May, 480 Austrian wineries showcased themselves to a high-calibre audience of industry experts. Austrian Wine (Austrian Wine Marketing Board) had invited more than 1,000 wine experts from over 50 different countries to come to Vienna for the event, and the initial feedback from our guests is brimming with enthusiasm for Austrian wine. A week before that, 300 Austrian winegrowers and Austrian Wine were networking with international business contacts at the ProWein fair in Düsseldorf.

Probably the most beautiful wine fair in the world, the VieVinum, took place again after a four-year break.

A focus on wine experts

The anticipation was great and the feedback after the event is everything that organisers and wineries could wish for. Back for the first time after four years, the VieVinum proved to be the vibrant celebration of Austrian wines everyone hoped it would be. In order to ensure maximum added value for Austria’s winegrowers, the focus this year was on attracting an audience of industry specialists. Austrian Wine supported this by bringing more than 1,000 international experts from the wine trade, the hospitality industry and the press from more than 50 different countries to Vienna.

“We have had to wait four long years – but it was well worth the wait!” confirmed a happy Chris Yorke, CEO of Austrian Wine. “Our winegrowers were able to showcase themselves perfectly and every one of our international partners was blown away by the wines, the atmosphere and the organisation of the fair. I have to thank everyone who helped make this wonderful celebration of Austrian wine possible!”

Reunions and new contacts

On all three days of the fair, the visitors took the opportunity to engage personally with Austria’s winegrowers. The delight at seeing business partners again, with whom many visitors enjoy long-standing, friendly relationships, was every bit as great as the interest in discovering new wineries. Plenty of opportunity for both was provided by the programme of supporting events, including a selection of masterclasses at the School of Wine, as well as events put on by winegrowers’ associations and individual wine-growing regions. An online city guide created especially for the event by Austrian Wine gave visitors a clear overview of all supporting events organised by the various regions and associations.

A picture shows the get-together during the VieVinum 2022 at a wine tavern.
A picture shows a moment during the flight tasting "International Heroes" during VieVinum 2022.

220 guests attended the flight tasting; industry experts visited the wine-growing regions

Everything kicked off on Thursday evening, when Austrian Wine’s guests were invited to a convivial pre-event get-together at a wine tavern. On Friday, Austrian Wine organised a high-quality, all-day flight tasting with 92 “international heroes” – Austria’s leading wines that have won the highest awards from international media. The feedback on this tasting, which was attended by 220 experts, was extremely positive with regard to both the quality of the wine and the organisation.

Following on directly from the VieVinum, trips for wine experts to Niederösterreich (Lower Austria), Burgenland and Steiermark (Styria) met with great interest from Austrian Wine’s international guests.

A key platform for the success of Austrian wine exports

“This year’s VieVinum was incredibly important and a big win! There was a really positive dynamic wherever you went at the fair. This is sure to help increase appreciation of the work of our winegrowers and to boost demand for their wines around the world,” says Chris Yorke, summing up the event.

The VieVinum has been the key platform for the success of Austrian wine exports since 1998. This year’s very successful fair means that there is a good chance we can expect a new export sales record in the near future.

A picture shows (f.l.t.r.): Chris Yorke (CEO of Austrian Wine), Susanne Kraus-Winkler (State Secretary of Tourism), Alexandra Graski-Hoffmann (CEO MAC Hoffmann), Diana Müller (National Wine Queen Diana I.), Johannes Schmuckenschlager (President of the Austian Winegrowers’ Association) at the opening of VieVinum 2022.
© Austrian Wine / Philipp Lipiarski
Especially happy together with the winegrowers about this year's VieVinum (f.l.t.r.): Chris Yorke (CEO of Austrian Wine), Susanne Kraus-Winkler (State Secretary of Tourism), Alexandra Graski-Hoffmann (CEO MAC Hoffmann), Diana Müller (National Wine Queen Diana I.), Johannes Schmuckenschlager (President of the Austian Winegrowers’ Association).

ProWein: 300 Austrian wineries at Europe’s biggest wine fair

One week before the VieVinum, from 15 to 17 May, Austrian Wine participated in the ProWein trade fair in Düsseldorf, together with around 300 Austrian wineries. There was a really positive atmosphere here too, after the fair had been postponed twice. “Visitor numbers were down slightly on the last ProWein – but the experts that came were of a good quality,” enthused Chris Yorke. “Even though the fact that it was so close to the VieVinum was a major challenge for our winegrowers and for Austrian Wine, it was important that we be well represented in Düsseldorf in order to maintain existing business contacts and establish new ones.”

The specialist public was also able to gain detailed insights into the Austrian wine industry at twelve masterclasses organised by Austrian Wine. By way of example, Sascha Speicher from the Meininger publishing house demonstrated the ageing potential of Austrian wines using selected Sekts, white, red and sweet wines, Willi Schlögl from the Freundschaft wine bar in Berlin, together with Florian Schütky (Austrian Wine), explained the practices adopted by Austrian winegrowers to ensure environmentally-friendly wine production, and renowned sommelier Gerhard Retter guided interested parties through exciting alternatives to wines such as Grüner Veltliner and Blaufränkisch, to name but two.

A picture shows the Austrian hall at ProWein 2022.
A picture shows the Austrian Wine masterclass area at VieVinum 2022.

VieVinum 2022 quotes

Stephen Brook, Decanter, UK: “This has always been a great event, especially if you are a member of the international press. It is a pleasure to be back!”

Takenori Beppu, Austrian Wine Ambassador, Japan: “It’s a very great fair! To see so many producers in one time and taste so many great Austrian wines in one time, it’s amazing!”

Harald Scholl, Vinum Magazine, Germany: “The VieVinum is a permanent fixture, not just in our calendars, but also in our hearts!”

Felicity Carter, The Drop, USA: “It really feels like you are part of a community of wine, which is something I greatly appreciate about VieVinum!”

Mike Bennie, Winefront, Australia: “I feel very grateful being here! The event itself is in a magnificent building, easy to access and has been really, really exciting in terms of seeing such a brilliant range of wine from such a diversity of producers!”

Aleks Zecevic, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, USA: “I love the venue, it’s very impressive, the Hofburg. And it’s great to see all the colleagues and wine lovers in one place and all these winemakers ... I have had a lot of fun ... and I hope to come back here in two years.”

Young Shi, jancisrobinson.com, Shanghai: “If you haven’t come here, you missed a lot; make sure you come here next year!”

Willi Schlögl, Freundschaft wine bar, Berlin: “A great end to this year’s wine fair grand slam!”

VieVinum 2022
  • 21 to 23 May 2022
  • 480 Austrian wineries
  • Focus on wine experts
    • Of these, over 1,000 industry guests from more than 50 countries were invited by Austrian Wine
  • A very positive atmosphere
  • A comprehensive programme of supporting events:
    • 19 May Get-together at the wine tavern for Austrian Wine’s guests
    • 20 May Austrian Wine “International Heroes” flight tasting; 220 expert participants
    • During the trade fair: School of Wine, events put on by winegrowers’ associations and individual winegrowing regions
  • After the fair: Trips to Niederösterreich (Lower Austria), Burgenland and Steiermark (Styria) for wine experts

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