For a long time, rosé wines were neglected in Austria, and barely ever made it on the wine lists of renowned restaurants. Moreover, anybody ordering a rosé was immediately judged as someone who did not possess much knowledge of wine or, worse, who found it too difficult to choose a wine that matched the meal.

However, trends do not always follow a discernible pattern: you cannot put your finger on the exact time of their emergence, yet, having indeed emerged, they demand full attention. Rosé wine is produced in all of Austria's wine-growing regions and in a variety of styles: charming young wine, like Primus Pannonicus from Burgenland, or fresh Zweigelt and St. Laurent wines from Niederösterreich (Lower Austria), or the racy Schilcher from the Weststeiermark (West Styria). Rosé wines have long overcome the criticism of being "neither fish nor fowl"; in fact, rosé goes well with both! And much more: such as barbecued fish and seafood, hearty salads, and stewed vegetables with Mediterranean spices – particularly olives, tomatoes or garlic – and, of course, with traditional dishes like Jausenbrot, with the spicy Liptauer cheese spread, or with Verhackertes, a chopped bacon spread designed to go with for bread.


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