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Taste Guide

The residual sugar content specifications for all Prädikatswein is determined and strictly enforced according to the Qualitätswein aus Österreich regulations.

Dry (Trocken)

  • A residual sugar content of up to 4 g/l, or a maximum of 9 g/l if the overall acidity is not lower by more than 2 g/l. For example: a wine with 8 g/l sugar must have at least 6 g/l acidity in order to bedeclared "dry". Or, expressed as a formula: acidity +2 up to a maximum of 9.

Half-dry (Halbtrocken)

  • When the wine surpasses the “dry” limit and reaches a maximum of 12 g/l.


  • more than 12 g/l up to 45g/l


  • more than 45g/l


Residual Sugar Content in the Wine Law