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Nature's sweet play

Around the Neusiedlersee (Lake Neusiedl), the Pannonian climate together with the abundance of humidity sets the scene for the production of great sweet wines.

A picture shows the Neusiedlersee
© AWMB / Lukan

The 320 square kilometres of water comprising the lake, plus the numerous nearby tiny lakes dotting the Seewinkel area, contribute to a special microclimate that allows for a good, or "noble", fungus to develop on the grapes. In some years, this process can occur rather rapidly. Still, Noble Pädikatswein can be found in other wine-growing regions as well. All of these wines have many components in common: alcohol; residual sweetness, and fruit acidity that together form a harmonious and multilayered mosaic. The wines develop over an extensive period of time and go on to enjoy a long life as well. Moreover, natural flavour components often are revealed fully because of ageing and storage in small wooden barrels.