Categories of Wine according to Origin

The grapes for quality wine or region-typical quality wine (DAC) must grow in an Austrian wine-growing region. Landwein, or land wine, generally comes from the larger wine-growing area.

The wine label must contain the following information; origin, variety, vintage, quality designation, alcohol content by volume, reference to its residual sugars (i.e. dry, etc), as well as the official State control number and name of the producer or bottler.

The Austrian wine law defines a maximum yield of 9,000 kg of grapes or 6,750 litres of wine per hectare for Landwein (land wine), Qualitätswein (quality wine) and Prädikatswein (classed quality wines). If the yield is larger, then the total volume must be declassified as a wine without origin. Such examples may only be sold without any reference to their origin, variety or vintage. Wine without protected geographical indication may only be sold if there is no declaration of origin, variety or vintage on the wine label (If wine without defined origin has a declaration of variety and vintage, it must fulfil the requirements for Landwein (land wine).).

Wine without geographical indication

Wein/wine: The term "Wein"/"wine" replaces the formerly used term "Tafelwein"/"table wine". "Wein"/"wine" may be offered on the market when the certain conditions are met (e.g. minimum alcohol level, minimum must weight etc.).

Austrian Sekt: “Austrian Sekt” or “Austrian Qualitätsschaumwein” may be offered on the market under this designation only when it is produced exclusively from the 36 grape varieties permissible for the production of Qualitätswein in Austria, and is free from defects in appearance, smell and flavour.


Wine with protected geographical indication

Landwein: In the Austrian Wine Law, the traditional term “Landwein” replaces the Community law term “Wine with Protected Geographical Indication”. Any indication of a more detailed geographic entity than the wine-growing area or a product designation other than Landwein (in particular “Wine with Protected Geographical Indication”) is not permitted.


Wine with protected designation of origin

Qualitätswein: The term “Qualitätswein” is a traditional Austrian usage for wine with a designation of origin, and replaces the Community law product designation “Wine with Protected Designation of Origin”. The areas of origin for Qualitätswein are the wine-growing regions. The indication of the product designation “Wine with Protected Designation of Origin” or its abbreviation on the label is not permitted.

Various designations for "Qualitätswein" (specific requirements have to be met): Kabinett, Regionally typical Qualitätswein (DAC), Prädikatswein (Spätlese, Auslese, Beerenauslese, Eiswein, Strohwein/Schilfwein, Trockenbeerenauslese)

Sekt with protected designation of origin (Sekt mit geschützter Ursprungsbezeichnung): In principle, the regulation applies that Austrian Sekt g.U. may be offered on the market exclusively in connexion with the supplemental terms “Klassik“, “Reserve“ or “Grosse Reserve” (Grande Reserve), under the appurtenant conditions laid down by decree.