Zesty Blaufränkisch

This is probably the most unspoilt wine landscape of Burgenland, with some 515 hectares of vineyards stretching from the town of Rechnitz in the north, to Güssing in the south. Authentic red wines are produced here, predominantly from Blaufränkisch, that display subtle mineral spicy notes, but there are also vibrant and elegant white wines, along with the unique and quirky wine speciality, the Uhudler.

Vineyard area

515 ha

Principal grape varieties


Leading viticultural towns

Eisenberg, Deutsch Schützen, Rechnitz

There are many surprising aspects of Südburgenland, the most common being the structure of the wineries. The majority are hobby winemakers, or supplement their income with another job or profession, and only a small number of the larger producers cultivate the small vineyard area. Much of the wine produced will be sold through the local Buschenschank wine taverns, and it cannot be disputed that the region regards itself as being a 'Weinidylle', or idyllic for wine. The effects of the Pannonian climate is felt, along with the some climatic influences from the neighbouring Steiermark.

Especially the Eisenberg hill is historically significant and, together with the vineyard of Deutsch Schützen, it has become the central point of the region. Crstalline rocks occur on the slopes and in the lowlands silty clays form the basis of the varied loam soils, that give the Blaufränkisch wines an elegant note. The result is a unique, individual and truly unconventional wine that perfectly reflects its terroir; the vineyard site, soils and climate. The masters of these wines can be found around the village of Deutsch Schützen. The region-typical Blaufränkisch  has been authorised to carry the Eisenberg DAC designation from the 2009 vintage ( Eisenberg DAC Reserve  effective from the 2008 vintage).

Crisp and fruity white wines from the Welschriesling and Weißburgunder (Pinot Blanc) varieties are produced along the towns of Rechnitz in the north and Moschendorf in the south. A wide variety of interesting wines are furthermore vinified in the idyllic surroundings of the Csaterberg vineyards near the town of Kohfidisch, as well as along the Pinkatal wine road from the Winten vineyards to the Kulm and Gaas sites. In the most southerly point, around the villages of Heiligenbrunn and Moschendorf, the Uhudler, a particular speciality made from hybrid vines. Its pungent aroma of wild strawberries has resulted in the wine being surprisingly popular.

Südburgenland remains an insider's tip, far from the overcrowded traditional wine-growing towns. However, the thermal health spa resorts, along with the festivals held in the Burg Güssing castle and the quaint landscape bring the tourists to the region, without jeopardising the peaceful, idyllic wine landscape.

The picture shows the Eisenberg region
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