Thai Curry

Thai Curry with Fish, Shrimp or Lobster; Chicken Curry, Vegetable Curry

Pairs nicely with

  • Powerful Riesling (Smaragd or Spätlese) with aging potential: Fish with a Thai curry sauce can be partnered perfectly with a full-bodied Riesling with mature aromas. The sharpness of the curry needs powerful fruitiness while the delicate taste of the fish requires finesse - which are matched perfectly by the distinct acidity and minerality of the Riesling.
  • Powerful, full-bodied Grüner Veltliner (Smaragd or Spätlese) goes best with all curries. The fully ripe fruit, sweetness and spiciness, together with the acidity, carry the exotic sharpness. A fine, multilayered work of art.
  • Full-bodied Chardonnay, barriqueaged: outstanding with shrimp or lobster curry; perhaps less so with fish curry. The smooth tones of the Chardonnay bridle the sharpness while underscoring the sweetness of the white meat. Chardonnay is also a fine partner for chicken curry.
  • Zierfandler or Rotgipfler: Wines with a concentrated, slightly earthy taste and low acidity, which carry the intensity of vegetable or chicken curry so well.
  • Powerful Sauvignon Blancs, including barrique-aged versions – go wonderfully with Thai curries: The ripe, tropical fruit flavours are ideal for sharp curries. Be cautious with fish though – heavily oaked wines can drown the fine food flavours.
  • Light, spritzy white wines are not recommended; they would be completely overpowered by the sharpness and intense flavours of the curries. Moreover, powerful red wines are too dominant for fish, shrimp and vegetables - rigorous tannins together with the sharpness of the curry can create a disagreeable bitter tone. A Pinot Noir or a classic St. Laurent have potential.