Szechuan Beef, Chili Beef

The sharpness of the chilli makes pairing with white wines extremely difficult – but not impossible! White wines that are robust, a bit aged and with well-integrated acidity – for example, Grüner Veltliner in Reserve or Smaragd quality levels – fit very well. Be careful only of high acidity (for example, with Riesling).

Pairs nicely with

  • Full-bodied Blaufränkisch or a Blaufränkisch Cuvée: A Blaufränkisch matured in large or small barrels is strong enough to stand up to the sharpness and intensity of chili dishes. But it also has enough acidity and light tannins to provide interesting accents. The distinctive fruit rounds out the flavours – and charms the palate.
  • Cabernet, Merlot or a blend: concentrated power with multilayered aromas and flavours. The distinct tannins are an important adversary to sharpness. Cabernet Sauvignon is also characterized by a intense black currant fruit character, which is maintained even with the generous use of chilli.
  • Zweigelt Reserve or St.Laurent Reserve: These wines from good sites are convincing not so much through power as through finesse. They lend a kind of lightness and playful elegance to moderately sharp chilli dishes. An exceptionally animating match.