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Fish dishes

Pesce al Forno - Baked Fish

Pesce al Forno is a very simple baked fish dish which is usually served only with vegetables. Gilthead sea bream and sea bass are popular options. This dish likes dry white wines with light to moderate acidity and body. Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc tend to work well while a ripe Styrian wine is an absolutely perfect match.

A picture shows pesce al Forno
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Pairs nicely with

Grilled Seafood

Scampi, prawns and calamari are an essential part of Mediterranean cuisine. Ripe and powerful white wines are ideal: smooth Pinot Blanc with a hint of residual sugar or Sauvignon Blanc with soft oak. Rotgipfler is the perfect pairing partner with calamari. It is astonishing how well a ripe Riesling goes with the sweet aromas in the seafood.

Pairs nicely with