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Serving Suggestions for Sauces & Side Dishes

The richness of the sauce and the side dishes have an impact on the choice of wine.

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Rich, creamy and cheese based dishes complement the taste profile of fruity white wines with soft acidity, both with or without oak barrel maturation. The opulent and creamy texture of a Chardonnay aged in oak captures the rich intensity of creamy sauces.

Dark sauces, especially those with rich roasted flavours, have their own bitter taste, and generally pair well to red wines with fruit intensity and strong tannin structure.

If a salad is being served, then the wine should ideally have crisp acidity, in order to complement the high acidity of the dressing, which in turn brings out the fruitiness of the wine. Ideal wines include a refreshing Sauvignon Blanc or Welschriesling.