Austria's rivers and lakes are amongst the cleanest in the world.

© AWMB/Blickwerk Fotografie

The majority of these lakes claim the purity of drinking water, and the countless brooks and rivers are home to many classic freshwater fish species. Freshwater fish farms and aqua culture are also of the highest quality, providing a supply of healthy fish. White wines work wonders with trout, brook trout, white fish, grayling, pikeperch, Danube salmon, freshwater salmon, carp, tench, catfish amongst others. A light-bodied, red wine served slightly chilled is incidentally a great partner to Serbian-style pikeperch in garlic. The choice of wine is entirely up to the nature of the recipe and personal preferences.


Trout, char or whitefish

Pike dumplings in White wine sauce

Paprika pikeperch

Carp with root vegetables