Syrah, or Shiraz, was only added to the list of Austrian Quality wines in 2001. The variety originally gained fame in the Rhône Valley is a natural crossing of Dureza and Mondeuse blanche.


France, Rhone Valley


Natural crossing of Dureza x Mondeuse blanche

Vineyard area

152 ha, 0.3%

A picture shows grapes of the grape variety Syrah
© AWMB / Oberleitner

Vineyard area: Registered as a quality variety since 2001. This grape is grown around the world and stakes importance in the warm red wine growing regions in all of the continents.

Important ampelographic features:
Leaf: medium-sized; five lobes; slightly sinuated
Grape cluster: medium-sized; compact, cylindrical, with wings; small berries with thin skins, blueish-black colour; very fragrant and juicy

Ripening time: late

Significance, conditions: Syrah is appreciated as a single variety red wine and as a blend in cuvées.It is sensitive to frost and is suitable only for very early warming sites. Because of its rather high yields, yield regulation is in order.

Wine: Delivers deep red, tannin-rich wines from grapes with full physiological ripeness - from low yielding vines growing in very good sites. The grapes typically exude aromas of violets and mignonette. Long maturation time and ageing are optimal for high quality wines.