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The language of wine contains a wealth of meanings that are not all too familiar, particularly the technical interpretations. The glossary describes and offers an explanation to the most common terms.


Definition:Supplementary indication for Qualtätswein or Sekt g.U.

The term "Reserve" may only be used for Qualitätswein (quality wine) with a minimum alcohol level of 13%. The application for a Federal Inspection Number may not be submitted before 15 March following the harvest for white Reserve wines and 1 November in the year following the harvest for red Reserve wines. In the case of regionally typical DAC wines, the use of the term "Reserve" is forbidden, if not otherwise stated in the applicable DAC regulation. In that case, the earliest date for the submission of the wine to the Federal Inspection Number is regulated.

Sekt with protected designation of origin (Sekt Austria (PDO)) and Qualitätsschaumwein (quality sparkling wine) with protected designation of origin (Qualitätsschaumwein g.U.) may only be marketed in conjunction with the terms Sekt Austria (PDO), Sekt Austria Reserve (PDO) and Sekt Austria Grosse Reserve (PDO), and in compliance with established criteria.