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The language of wine contains a wealth of meanings that are not all too familiar, particularly the technical interpretations. The glossary describes and offers an explanation to the most common terms.

Ice Saints
Definition:Patron Saints for Weather

The Patron Saints Pankratius, Servatius, Bonifatius and Sophie all celebrate their Name Days between 12 May and 15 May respectively, the period when a late frost can be potentially destructive for the vines.

Ice Wine
Definition:Sweet wine produced from crushed frozen grapes

A speciality from Austria and Germany. Ice Wine may only be produced using grapes that are completely frozen at the time of harvest and pressing (between minus 6 and minus 10 degrees Celsius, according to the sugar content). The minimum must weigt ist 25° KMW and production in Austria is dominant in Wagram, the Weinviertel and Burgenland.

immediately pressed
Definition:wine produced from black grapes, that is pressed straight away
Definition:large bottle format

A bottle wine capacity of 6 litres, also known as a Methusalem.

impregnation process
Definition:artificial impregnation or addition of carbon dioxide

The impregnation of carbon dioxide is a common and efficient practice in the production of sparkling wine. The wine label must specify, that the sparkling wine was produced using added carbon dioxide.

Definition:native grape varieties

The Austrian term for indigenous varieties, which unlike their international counterparts, are only found locally. Classic examples are the Rotgipfler and Zierfandler in Thermenregion, Roter Veltliner in Wagram and the Blauer Wildbacher in the Weststeiermark.

information on cork closure

Important information about the wine, e.g. producer, variety, vintage and so on, is imprinted, or branded onto the cork closure.

Integrated viticulture
Definition:practice in viticulture

Environmentally conscious production methods

100% of Austria’s area under vine is cultivated according to the principles of integrated production. This concept focuses primarily on the protection of human health, together with the conservation of primary production resources and the environment. The vineyard agro-ecosystem is considered in its entirety and includes all the individual steps involved in vine care.


Describes the complexity and intensity of a wine.

inter-specific hybrid varieties
Definition:crossing of two inter-specific hybrid vine varieties

The result of crossing two inter-specific hybrid vine varieties, usually between native American and European (Vitis vinifera) vine varieties. The robust hybrids are also known as inter-specific crossings.

inter-specific hybrids
Definition:ungrafted vines

This term refers to those grape vine varieties, that are ungrafted, and also includes inter-specific hybrid crossings with American and European varieties.

international style

A wine described with an international style usually refers to wines that have undergone the malolactic fermentation and maturation in oak barrels, as well as wines that display little or no regional typicity.

international varieties

Refers to the international, 'globe-trotting' grape varieties, such as Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Co, as opposed to the indigenous, regionally typical grape varieties.

interrupt the fermentation

The deliberate interruption or arrest of the fermentation, giving the wine retained natural residual sugar.

Definition:a form of irrigation

The irrigation of a vineyard, usual for sites with low annual rainfall, for example drip irrigation.

Definition:a form of irrigation

The irrigation of a vineyard, usual for sites with low annual rainfall, for example drip irrigation.

Definition:inter-specific hybrid variety

Hybrid variety from Vitis lambrusca and Vitis vinifera, and the basis for many Uhudlers from southern Burgenland.