The language of wine contains a wealth of meanings that are not all too familiar, particularly the technical interpretations. The glossary describes and offers an explanation to the most common terms.

vine density
the number of vines planted within a defined vineyard surface area

In Austria, the vine density is usually about 5,000 vines per hectare.

vine diseases

Vine illnesses and diseases, as well as the negative effects of pests, can be caused by a fungus (downy and powdery mildrew, botrytis, rotbrenner and esca), viruses (stunted growth, leaf roll), bacteria (crown gall), grapevine pest (phylloxera, the grape caterpillar) or nutrient difficiency (chlorosis, bunch stem necrosis).

vine rows

The structure of the rows of vines in the vineyard.

Vine training system
training system for vines in the vineyard

The type of vine training system that is widespread in Austria, using wires. One particular wire system is Lenz Moser‘s Hochkultur, or high culture training system, that replaced the widespread cultivation of Gobelet or bush vine training.

Vinea Wachau
Quality orientated vintner association in the Wachau winegrowing region, established in 1983.

The original name is "Vinea Wachau Nobilis Districtus“, and is a quality-orientated association. Its creators established the three wine categories for its members, Steinfeder, Federspiel and Smaragd. The Codex Wachau is a clear acknowledgement  to the natural production of wine and commitment to strict quality control.

vineyard site
defined or enclosed vineyard area

Refers to a defined or marked-out vineyard area or site, that contains the same geographical, soil and climatic conditions. Also called a single vineyard.

refers to a defined vineyard area with the same geographical aspects, soil structure and microclimate, and sometimes known as a single vineyard site
The wine-making operation from the reception of the grapes to the bottling of the finished wine.

The term describes the complete steps in the process of winemaking.

qualified wine retailer

Describes a primary fruit aroma with varietal character.

the name of a Vintner Association

Eight innovative wine producers from different winegrowing regions in Niederösterreich have united to form the Vinovative association.

vintage Sekt

Quality Sekt with vintage declaration.

another term for vintner or producer

Describes a wine producer, or vintner, and derives from the Austrian word 'Hauer‘, referring to the wine-grower that cultivated bush vines for wine production.

vintner, wine producer
refers to a person, who is employed in viticulture (the cultivation of grapevines)

Vintner, producer or winemaker.

the liquidity and viscosity of wine

The viscosity is a visual impression of tears (church windows) on the inner surface of the glass, caused by high alcohol levels (glycerine), extract and sugar content.

Viticulture school
The group description for colleges, that offer educational programmes for viticulture and oenology.

These include the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, the HBLA in Klosterneuburg, as well as the vocational colleges in Krems, Eisenstadt and Silberberg.

the name of a Vintner Association

Vitikult is the marketing name for the best value Blaufränkisch varietal wine that is produced by each of the member wine estates in Mittelburgenland.

Vitis vinifera
the common grape vine is the most important vine sub-species
volatile acidity

Volatile and gaseous condition of a wine with a pungent smell (e.g. vinegar).


The old synonym for the black grape variety Blauer Portugieser, widespread in the Thermenregion, its name originating from its popularity in the winegrowing town of Bad Vöslau.


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