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The Primary Climate Zones

Even given the great diversity of Austria’s wines, they tend to exhibit a consistent characteristic that distinguishes them from those of other nations: an aromatic freshness, coupled with complete physiologic ripeness of the grapes. There is simply no other place on Earth where refreshing wines are so concentrated and substantial, or where the opulent wines exhibit such grace.

A map shows the main climate zones

Of course there are many regional differences – diversity in soil structure and the variable microclimatic conditions. There are four primary climate zones (Danube Region, Weinviertel, Pannonian Region and Steiermark) that articulate themselves in the character of the wines – and three of these intersect at Vienna.

European climate influences

  1. Continental Pannonian climate

  2. Moderate Atlantic climate

  3. Cool air from the north

  4. Illyrian Mediterranean climate

A picture shows a map of Austria with the climate influences