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5. Nature
Performance with awareness

Austrians love nature and as a result they treat it with the greatest of respect. Environmental protection, water purity, healthy and GMO-free food, biodiversity, energy and materials efficiency are all treated with the highest priority.

For this reason it should come as no surprise that Austria is the world leader in organic farming: 21 per cent of the agricultural area and more than 14 per cent of all vineyards are already managed according to organic farming guidelines*. There is also an official certification scheme for sustainable viticulture in Austria. And lastly, the majority of grapes are still harvested by hand. Despite this – or perhaps precisely for this reason – the wine industry has developed with special dynamism in recent times. The number of internationally competitive companies is growing steadily, and new names are gaining recognition beyond Austria’s borders every year. The curve of ever-increasing export turnover is similar to that of the most successful countries in the New World.

* Source: BMNT

A picture shows the grape harvest
© AWMB / Komitee Kamptal
A picture shows the Sustainable Austria Logo

The "Sustainable Austria" certification programme regulates the use of the term "sustainability" in Austrian winemaking.

Wines made organically or biodynamically can be identified by the green EU organic logo with the code number of the certification body.