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Northbound Journey
23. – 25. May 2019

We paid a dedicated visit to some of Austria’s best vineyards – specifically, those that lie at the borders of our country; these borders that never were borders until after 1918.

23. – 25. May 2019

Vineyard Interfaces

The picture shows vinyards in the region of Südburgenland.
© ÖWM / Egon Mark

Vineyard Interfaces

The itinerary led us from the Austrian-Czech border in the winegrowing region Weinviertel via the imposing Baroque palace Schloss Hof near the Slovakian border and the winegrowing regions Neusiedlersee, Mittelburgenland and Eisenberg – all adjacent to Hungary – to Vulkanland Steiermark, bordering on Slovenia. Accredited specialists elucidated the historical development of each border region, while wines from our Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian and Slovenian friends accompanied us throughout the journey.


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