Hauptstraße 2
7071 Rust
BURGENLAND, Österreich

Phone: +43 664 9579558

Email: office@ceelwines.at


15 Wines

Winery description

Markus Fischl, Martin Kern, Franz Raith. Three friends, three backgrounds, three stories. After working in several countries for top producers the three friends came back to the roots. The essence of all they learn is transformed into their wines. Only the best fruit from different vineyards in Rust are the basis of creating high quality wine. Quality is made in the vineyard and preserved in the cellar!

What is CEEL

Ceel was the first mentioning in history of the historic town of Rust in 1317. Tradition and innovation, combined in the bottle. Traditional in the cellar - back to the roots- and innovative in Marketing.

Direct sale

Reservations required:  Yes

Tasting:  Yes