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Commented Tasting Novosibirk
09. September 2019

The Austrian Wine Marketing board presents a commented tasting to experts from Siberia for the first time on September 8th 2019.

Austrian Wine explores an high demand in Siberia. To face this trend the Austrian Wine Marketing Board presents a commented tasting in cooperation with the Austrian Trade Commission in Moscow and its office in Novosibirsk. Willi Klinger, CEO of the AWMB, leads through an exciting tasting of the best Austrian Wines for the last time before his resignation. Experts from Trade, Press and Sommeliers are invited to participate at this exlusive tasting.



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Contact details:

Organiser: AWMB
Contact: Mr. Oliver Chramosta
Email: east@austrianwine.com
Phone: +43 (1) 5039267-80

Target Audience: Experts
Charged: No (Registration mandatory)