1920: the «Hauptverband der Weinbaubetriebe Österreichs» (Central Association of Austrian Wine Producers) was founded, as a successor organisation to the «Verein zum Schutz des österreichschen Weinbaues» (Association for Protection of Austrian Viticuture), an unknown promotional campaign for Austrian wine.


1936: the Central Association determined to pursue the promotion and sales of Austrian wine with, for example, the help of tasting events. The ÖWOK (Austrian Wine and Fruit Calendar) was founded as a department furnishing information free of charge. Their strategy was expressed as: ‘Quality is the best advertiser for wine’.


1952: the ‘Association for Austrian Wine Advertising’ was founded. They were able to achieve astonishing success with limited resources, thanks to wine tastings, participation in trade fairs, postal advertising and placards, etc.


1968: the ‘Association for Austrian Wine Advertising’ was disbanded. The assets at hand were transferred to the ÖWI (Austrian Wine Institute), which was founded by representatives of wine producers. The ÖWI remains to this day involved with logistics, as well as the shipping and sales of wine accessories and advertising material, etc.


1968–1985: the Austrian Wine Industry Fund conducted and managed advertising activities to benefit Austrian wine.


1985: the so-called ‘wine scandal’ made the news – although suspicions regard the activities at the root of the matter had already existed.


1986: at the close of the year, the Österreichische Weinmarketing Service GmbH was founded, in order to – among other tasks – help alleviate the fallout from the ‘wine scandal’. The founding partners were as follows – 51%: the Republic of Austria, 10% each: the wineproducing federal states Niederösterreich, Burgenland, Steiermark & Wien, and the remaining 9%: the Austrian Chamber of Agriculture and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.


1998: the Austrian federal government opted out of the partnership, and the current corporate structure was established.


2009: the public presence of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board and its logo were modernised, and the exact name was changed to Österreich Wein Marketing GmbH.


2017: the AWMB presented a new advertising strategy, including a new publicity campaign; printed information and other advertising materials were adapted to fit the new corporate image.

Managing Directors

  • since 2007       Mag. Wilhelm Klinger
  • 2002-2006      Mag. Michael Thurner MBA
  • 1994-2001       Dr. Bertold Salomon
  • 1991-1993        Dr. Walter Kutscher
  • 1990                    Engelbert Prassl
  • 1986-1989       Mag. Wolfgang Lusak


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