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Wallernerstrasse 51, A-7143 Apetlon
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For decades we have been growing wine in the Seewinkel with great passion and awareness for tradition. The combination of the generations has been crucial for our sustainable success. Since 1997 winemaker Manfred Weiss is pushing the production of bottled wine. In that way traditon and innovation have been combined in a perfect way.
Around the village Apetlon we operate an area of about 15 hectare which are spread on the reeds Darscho, Tiglat, Siebenmath, Rohrund and Schandlesgrund. Creating our wine based on the characteristics of grape and region is our main focus. This reflects the quality of our products.
Nature-orientated cultivation of the vineyards, restraint of harvest and a preserve way of winemaking with focus on care and feeling are decisive for the high standard of our wines.
Primarily Weiss-Wines have been known for their outstanding sweet-wines, but for years we have been extending our range with dry, fresh and fruity white wines as well as quality red wines.
For our dry white wine we mainly cultivate Welschriesling, Grüner Veltiner and Sauvignon Blanc. Our range of red wine contains pure Zweigelt and Blaufränkisch, which are developed in a classical way. In addidtion we have been producing a cuvée "Simod" (which is the local dialect for the reeds of Siebenmath), which is maturing in a barrique barrel (oak barrel).
For the produciton of ice wine we prefer the grape Grüner Veltiner, as she proves to be resistant against the noble rot, called Botrytis Cinerea (a velvet-furry mould fungus which is covering the grapes).
For our sweet wines we use the grapes Neuburger, Rivaner, Chardonnay and Bouvier; they are produced as Auslese ("selected harvest"), Beerenauslese ("selected harvest of berries") and Trockenbeerenauslese ("selected harvest of dried berries").
The newest entries in our portfolio are "Frizzate weiß" (white) and "Frizzante rosé" (rose).

Weingut Manfred Weiss
Location of winery
Size of business
Own area: 15.0 ha
Manfred Weiss
Contact person
Manfred u. Doris Weiss
Certified Wineries
Origins of Wines
Burgenland, Österreich (Sekt)
Grape variety
White: Neuburger, Sauvignon blanc, Gruner Veltliner, Welschriesling, Gelber Muskateller, Chardonnay, Bouvier
Red: Cabernet Sauvignon, Blauer Zweigelt
Wine prices
€ 4.50  -  € 18.00
Export countries
Canada, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Taiwan

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Date Event
Origin Style, Vineyard, Brand, Grape variety, Vintage Alcohol / Residual sugar / Acidity / Wine category Name Rating Year of the Award
Burgenland Eiswein, Grüner Veltliner, 2010 10.00% / 105.90 g / 9.50 g / Cat. 9: Noble sweet wines Wine Enthusiast 84 2013
Wine details
Wine pass (pdf)
Burgenland TBA, Bouvier, 2004 11.50% / Cat. 9: Noble sweet wines Falstaff Weinguide 91 2010
Wine details
Wine pass (pdf)
Burgenland "Neuburger TBA 2006", Neuburger, 2006 Falstaff Weinguide 92 2008
Wine details
Wine pass (pdf)
Burgenland "Neuburger Spätlese 2006", Neuburger, 2006 Falstaff Weinguide 88 2008
Wine details
Wine pass (pdf)