Wine styles

The many facets of Austria´s wine landscape are mirrored in the diversity of its wines. So impressive are the balance between fruit and acidity and the distinctive aromas and flavours. But what´s behind these?

A picture shows a Wiener Schnitzel
© AWMB/ Kohl

The noted temperature differences between warm days and cool nights. White wines span from light and fresh to powerful and bodied, right through to the noblest of drops. Red wines range from young and elegant to concentrated and robust. Plus, there are sparkling wines in a variety of styles. From another perspective, prominence can lie in the fruit, or with maturing in wooden casks, or through longer storage.

This richness of variety provides a playground for food matching. Of course, matching every type of wine with every kind of food would certainly prove to be a fun and charming exercise but for a little more clarity and conciseness, we´ve summarized the diversity into nine wine types – in perfect menu sequence.