Specific quality wine: profile

Austria presently has 16 specific wine-growing regions:

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  • 8 in the generic wine-growing-region Niederösterreich: Wachau, Kremstal, Kamptal, Traisental, Wagram, Weinviertel, Carnuntum, Thermenregion
  • 4 in the generic wine-growing-region Burgenland: Neusiedlersee, Leithaberg, Mittelburgenland, Eisenberg
  • 3 in the generic wine-growing-region Steiermark: Vulkanland Steiermark, Südsteiermark, Weststeiermark
  • Vienna is a special case, as it is both a generic wine-growing region, and a specified wine-growing area. The recent introduction of the Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC is now joined by a wide diversity of "Qualitätswein Wien" – Quality wine from Vienna. Effective from 2011, Landwein is marketed as "Weinland".

All specific wine-growing regions work on strong profiling with origin-typical terroir wines. For the first step, focal varieties and region-typical wine styles are defined. When this process has been completed, the region can - via the regional and national committees of the Ministry of Agriculture - apply for DAC status. This becomes law through ministerial directive.