A picture shows grapes from the grape variety Rotgipfler
© AWMB / Oberleitner

Origin: Austria, Thermenregion

Parentage: Natural crossing of Traminer and Roter Veltliner, this autochthonous variety is related  to Weißgipfler (synonym for Grüner Veltliner)

Vineyard area: 119 ha, 0,3 %

Found almost solely in the Thermenregion. Its cultivation is decreasing.

Important ampelographic features
Leaf: medium-sized; circular; five to seven lobes; veins are red; deeply lobed. A key characteristic: reddish-bronze vine shoots (thus the name Rotgipfler)
Grape cluster: medium to large; very compact juicy berries; conical; greenish yellow colour.

Ripening time: mid to late season

Significance, conditions: Only in the Thermenregion can appropriate growing conditions from climate and soil be found. Warm south-facing vineyard sites with good calcareous-based soils are necessary, otherwise shoot growth diminishes significantly. Good vigorous sites bring consistently high yields.

Wine: With strong yield limitation, the wine shows a high extract content, pleasant acidity and a fine bouquet. It tends to age slowly and is usually blended with the Zierfandler variety.