A picture shows grapes of the grape variety Furmint
© AWMB / Oberleitner

Origin: Hungary

Parentage: From a Heunisch variety crossing, and is genetically similar to other Hungarian varieties.

Vineyard area: 11 ha. Furmint – the main-variety used for Tokaji – has been  approved as a Qualitätswein in Austria since 1987, but its growth here is limited. In Rust, Furmint is sometimes used for traditional Ausbruch wines.

Important ampelographic features
Leaf: circular to pentagonal, five lobes
Grape cluster: very large with compact berries; cylindrical, shouldered, often with wings; grapes are oval with a greenish-yellow colour and a neutral taste.

Ripening time: late

Significance, conditions: The variety is highly prone to Botrytis, making it a preferred grape for the production of noble sweet wines. Needs excellent warm and dry sites with calcareous soils. There are some disadvantages, such as sensitivity to winter and late frosts and proneness to peronospora and oidium.

Wine: The wines are very rich in extract and have good body. The relatively high acidity and alcohol content support the longevity of the wines. A honey tone is characteristic. Furmint delivers good quality especially in high Prädikat-level wines.