A picture shows the grapes of the grape variety Bouvier
© AWMB / Oberleitner

Origin: Austria, Bad Radkersburg (Steiermark)

Parentage: Breed from Gelber Muskateller X Weißer Burgunder. This variety was bred at around 1900 by Clotar Bouvier in Bad Radkersburg.

Vineyard area: 220 ha, 0.5 %

Bouvier is found mainly in Burgenland.  Between 1999 and 2009, its vineyard area decreased by one third.

Important ampelographic features
Leaf: medium; circular with five lobes, deeply lobed
Grape cluster: small- to medium-sized; medium dense to loose grapes; cylindrical; often with wings; round, greenish-yellow grapes with thick skins

Ripening time: very early

Significance, conditions: Bouvier is marketed mainly as a table grape, as must, “sturm” (still-fermenting grape juice) or as young wine. In Burgenland, its primary growing region, the variety makes also Prädikat wines that usually express a mild character with a delicate nutmeg tone. On the variety's down side are its unpredictable and low yields.

Wine: The wines are mild, extract-rich and, depending on the site, have a more or less strong nutmeg bouquet.