Rosenmuskateller (Pink Muscat)

A picture shows grapes of the grape variety  Rosenmuskateller/Pink Muscat
© AWMB / Oberleitner

Origin: Dalmatia

Parentage: Crossing between Gelber Muskateller with a second hitherto unknown variety.

Vineyard area and distribution: Is permitted for production of Qualitätswein as of 2017, planted in limited parcels in Burgenland. The area under vines has not yet been officially determined.

Important ampelographic features:
Leaf: a long leaf, pentagonal with 3–5 lobes and an undulating profile
Cluster: medium-sized to long, loose to moderately dense, conical. No secondary growth, skin dark red to blue-black

Time of ripening: middle to late season

Significance, conditions: Demands very good sites with meagre soils, is prone to small and irregular yields because of its inclination to millerandange

Wine: Extremely ripe and shrivelled berries will yield high-grade sweet wines.