A picture shows grapes of the grape variety Rathay
© AWMB / Oberleitner

Origin: Austria, LFZ Klosterneuburg

Parentage: New breed from the Klosterneuburg 1189-9-77 (= Seyve Villard 18-402 x Blaufränkisch) and Blauburger; by Dr.Gertrude Mayer, LFZ Klosterneuburg.

Vineyard area: 35 ha, 0.1 %

Registered as a quality grape variety since 2000, and is one of the PIWI varieties.

Important ampelographic features
medium-sized, conical to pentagonal; five lobes
Grape cluster: medium-sized; moderately compact berries; cylindrical, with wings; the grapes are dark blue to black in colour

Ripening time: mid-early season

Significance, conditions: Because of its robust colour, this variety is used also as a blending partner. It is partially resistant to oidium and peronospora. It is resistant to winter frost.

Wine: The deep, dark wines are full-bodied, and rich in extract and tannins. They are ready to drink early on.