The Main Climate Zones

Despite the diversity of Austrian wines, there is a consistent characteristic, that distinguishes them from other international wines. This characteristic is an aromatic freshness, coupled with the complete physiological ripeness of the grapes. There isn't a place on earth where dense, opulent wines taste so nimble, and where fresh wines are so compact.

Of course there are many regional differences, such as on the one hand the diversity in soil structure, and on the other hand, the varied microclimate conditions. There are four major climate zones (Danube Area, Weinviertel, Pannonian Area, Steiermark and the Bergland), that are salient in the character of the wines, three of these climates intersect in Vienna.

A picture shows a map with the four main climate zones of Austria
A picture shows a map of Austria with the climate influences


Continental Pannonian climate


Moderate Atlantic climate


Cool air from the north


Illyrian editerranean climate