Prädikat Levels

A picture shows sweet wine
  • Spätlese
    Minimum must-weight of 19° KMW, from fully ripe grapes

  • Auslese
    Minimum must weight of 21° KMW, a Spätlese from carefully selected grapes

  • Beerenauslese
    Minimum must weight of 25° KMW, from overripe grapes and / or grapes with noble rot

  • Eiswein
    Minimum must weight of 25° KMW, from grapes that were frozen when
    harvested and pressed

  • Trockenbeerenauslese
    Minimum must weight of 30° KMW, Beerenauslese mostly from extremely
    shrunken noble rot grapes
    For Trockenbeerenauslesen produced in the Free City of Rust, the term “Ausbruch” may also be used; correspondingly, the product designation “Ausbruch” may only be used in connexion with the geographical indication “Rust”.

  • Strohwein
    Strohwein or Schilfwein is a wine made from fully ripened, sweet grapes that have been dried on mats of straw (Stroh), or reeds (Schilf ), or else by air suspension, for a minimum of three months before vinification. The grapes must have a minimum must weight of 25° KMW. If the grapes´must weight reaches a minimum of 30° KMW upon a drying period of at least two months, then vinification can begin at that point.