Today's best international architects are designing and building spectacular new wineries all over the world, and in turn, Austria has witnessed the development of a unique symbiotic relationship between contemporary architecture and traditional winemaking in its eastern and southeastern winegrowing regions. With newly defined tasks and winemaking demands in mind, architecture now plays a fundamental role in the construction design, uniting traditional functional buildings with aesthetic appeal.

A picture shows the wine museum Loisium
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To celebrate this phenomenon, the centre for architecture in Vienna, (Architekturzentrum Wien), held a comprehensive exhibition, which subsequently went on tour from Vienna, to Luxemburg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, New York, Calver City, Napa and Klagenfurt. With particular focus on the Austrian wineries that were completed in recent years in Niederösterreich, Burgenland, Steiermark and Vienna, over 60 projects shown were by renowned architects such as Wilhelm Holzbauer, Steven Holl, Anton Mayerhofer, Andreas Burghardt, as well as propeller z and g2plus, amongst many others.

The “WeinArchitektur. Vom Keller zum Kult (The Winery Boom)” exhibition additionally evaluates the domestic cultural conditions and economic circumstances in Austria since the 1980's, and offers a great insight into twenty international wineries, with documentation on their development from historic 'Schloss' wine estates to high-tech wineproducing plants. Published also as a hardback, the book to the exhibition was the first work of its kind in Austria based on solid research, and enhanced and supported with international examples.

Curators: Martina Grabensteiner, Kerstin Gust
Exhibition and publication assistance: Marion Kuzmany
Exhibition artistic design: Viola Stifter and Herwig Mayer
Graphic design and publication: Susanne Klocker, LIGA


The publication relating to the exhibition> 224 colour pages with approx. 250 images.
Authors: Christian Seiler, Ralph Eue, Martina Grabensteiner, Kerstin Gust, Marion Kuzmany. Foreword by Dietmar Steiner. Edited and published by The Austrian Museum of Architecture, Verlag Hatje Cantz.

Wine Architecture

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  • Winery Hans Igler
  • Winery Hirsch
  • Winery Heinrich
  • Winery Wieninger
  • Winery Aumann
  • Winery Zahel
  • Winery Pöckl at Neusiedlersee in Burgenland
  • Modern winery at the Neusiedlersee in Burgenland (Winery Meinklang)
  • Loisium World of Wine